December 7, 2015


Companhia Industrial de Resinas Sintéticas, CIRES, Lda. is a chemical company specialized in the manufacture of vinyl polymers. A pioneer in the manufacture of thermoplastic polymers in Portugal, CIRES excels in its high standard of quality and performance level of the manufactured products, based upon a continuous effort of technological development and an exclusive technical service rendered to customers.

The company has consolidated a leading position in the Iberian market offering a diversified range of commodity suspension resins, used in a wide scope of industrial sectors with particular relevance in the building construction segment. In parallel, it has also available a range of speciality S-PVC resins of high resilience and a range of E-PVC resins for plastisol, especially for coating applications namely for the automotive industry.

The supply range of thermoplastic raw materials specialties is completed through its affiliated companies in the compounding business. CIRES is currently an accredited supplier for all thermoplastics application segments such as packaging, automotive industry, cabling, pipes and fittings, artificial leather, wall panels and door and window profiles, etc.

The continuous improvement process of its industrial and commercial competitiveness is part of the company’s structural development aiming at the enhanced performance of its products, increased competitiveness of its manufacture, improved energy and environmental efficiency, and reinforced safety level of operations.

CIRES is owned by SHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL, a worldwide industry leader in the field with a nameplate capacity in the range of 4 million tonnes of PVC, about 10% of the world total demand. Estarreja plant is a modern, versatile and highly efficient industrial unit.

The company promoted the external recognition of its management processes by independent accredited entities in accordance with international standards. CIRES holds the ISO 9000 Quality Certification since 1993, the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification since 2002 and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management since 2008.

CIRES highly skilled staff and highly specialized teams are key assets for the company’s sustained and continued development.

The raw material is produced at SHIN-ETSU PVC BV plant, in the Netherlands and received at the Aveiro Harbour, in own port reception and storage facilities, wherefrom it is transferred by pipeline to the Estarreja plant.

In the company’s development it must be highlighted the social and environmental responsibility awareness, accommodating economic growth with the principles of sustainable development and the strengthening of relationships with the local community, thus ensuring a significant stable and qualified local employment, as well as the contracting of additional industrial services in the region.